Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Note From Sue

I really love the network of collectors. I recently received a note from my Fiesta friend Sue telling me about an additional colorway for the Startex Mexican cloth I shared in May.

While my cloth features gray, scarlet, pale yellow, chartreuse and tan, Sue's Texas tabletop features a wonderful orange, green, chocolate and yellow colorway.

Doesn't this cloth look great with her combination of vintage and contemporary Fiesta and the Greek-style urns?

Thank you, Sue, for the tip about this second colorway. I wonder how many other version of this cloth may be out there?

Update: Here's a red colorway submitted by Candy. I think this cloth is an unfaded version of my colorway, but then again, mine could have been printed in a paler version of these tones.

It's for sale by Monkey Grass Designs on Etsy.


  1. Evening Daphne -

    I emailed you a couple of links to what appears to be another colorway.


  2. I think I've seen it in blue too! Whoo!